Our Process

The debtor will initially receive a letter of instruction advising them we are now acting on your behalf. The specialist debt recovery software we use will drive the case forward, prompting us to call the debtor and case notes are visible to clients allowing them to see what stage the case is at. If the debt is disputed we engage in ADR (Alternative dispute resolution) as an alternative to court action and if no response is received to letters /phone calls, we may issue insolvency proceedings (if it meets the criteria), arrange a site visit with a certified enforcement agent to discuss the matter face to face or, where judgment has been obtained, instruct High Court Enforcment agents to seize goods. Thankfully, as we are skilled at negotiation, most cases are resolved via letters & phone calls with the aim always being to obtain a Swift Resolution with minimal fuss.

All cases will initally receive a fairly robust appraisal of the debt before taking instruction which involves background checks and case background.


Should you have a disputed debt and neither party will budge, SR have access to several debt recovery law firms, in England and Scotland, who will be happy to undertake any legal work on your behalf such as court proceedings.

Credit Reports

Before entering into a contract with any company, let us perform your due diligence for you by thoroughly checking the credit worthiness of new or even existing companies. We won’t just give you a generic credit score / rating , we also read their profit and loss margins to see if they are likely to pay and check directors history’s to establish if they are ‘serial business openers’ while also advising you if they have adverse information such as CCJ’s or winding up orders. A simple check may save you a potential ‘bloody nose’.

Also speak to us about our monitoring system which automatically sends alerts when there’s a change in your customers credit rating due to adverse information.

How we work…

Pre Litigation

Our in house collections team will contact your debtor(s) via letters, phone calls and electronic communication where most debts are resolved. Debtors will often ‘bury their head in the sand’ until a 3rd party is involved.

Face to Face visits

Our network of field agents can attend your debtors premises at any time and arrange payment plans and/or take payment via debit/credit card.


Once litigation has been undertaken by our associate solicitors both in England & Scotland and judgment is obtained, we enforce via High Court Enforcement Agents by way of asset recovery.

Insolvency proceedings

Should your case meet the relevant criteria we may issue winding up proceedings if your debtor is a limited company or Bankruptcy proceedings if a sole trader/individual.

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