Without employees, there would be no business at all. It’s very important to encourage a culture that puts employee wellbeing at the forefront of the workplace. Statistics show that happier, healthier employees are generally more productive, have improved overall efficiency and higher levels of motivation. If your team doesn’t feel valued, this can impact on your business’s success. A happy workforce leads to happy clients and business growth.

Enforce home time

Research has shown that 26% of the UK population believe they do not have a good work-life balance. Ensuring that employees leave work on time and avoiding long, and often unnecessary working hours is a great way to encourage staff to have a healthier work-life balance, meaning they’ve got time for their family, friends, exercise, hobbies and interests.

Be transparent

As an SME, holding weekly staff meetings gives you a chance to update your team accordingly on any upcoming projects. It also gives your team the chance to report on any issues or successes from the past week or month. Employees will feel valued and appreciated when given the chance to understand the company’s progress and the opportunities to voice their opinions in the correct environment.

Flexible working

Allowing your employees a little bit of freedom and the flexibility to work away from their desks can make them feel trusted and motivated. This freedom will boost happiness in the workplace too which can lead to an increase in productivity. This method of working smarter; whether that’s remote working or flexible hours, can help workers lead healthier lifestyles.


As a small business, it may be difficult for you to offer a pay rise to your employees but a bonus is always a great way to say “Thank You”. Your generosity will show your team that you care and your employees will feel appreciated and valued.

Finding solutions to help your team be healthier and happier doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming task, but taking the time to invest in your employees can be invaluable to your company.